Tresco Labs GmbH develops novel strategies for the synthesis and
modification of terpenes, cannabinoids and related natural products.

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SiOx is a special solid supported Lewis-acid (SiOx-LA) or Bronsted-acid (SiOx-BA) catalyst which allows for the efficient conversion of several cannabinoids like, for instance, cannabidiol (CBD).

Tresco Labs' D9-Remediation Catalyst removes residual D9-THC from mixtures of D8-and D9-THC in hemp extracts by selectively converting D9-THC to CBN. Other common Cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBN etc.) do not get affected. With the help of Tresco Labs' D9-Remediation Catalyst the content of D9-THC in hemp distillates can be easily brought well below 0.3 %.
GC-Analysis D8-THC with traces D9-THC   GC-Analysis after treatment with
D9-Remediation Catalyst

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the major constituents of cannabis extracts. Although not psychotropic itself, CBD can enhance the effect of THC and shows several other biological and pharmaceutical effects. CBD is a phenolic monoterpene and thus in general insoluble in water. Formulations of CBD which are claimed to be water-soluble are,  however, suspensions of CBD nano particles or CBD micellar dispersions.
We developed novel truly water-soluble derivatives of CBD, called Pro-Cannabidiols (pro-CDB), which form clear solutions in water up to 60% by weight. The water solubility is achieved by attaching two linear linkers with polar head groups to both the phenolic hydroxyls of CBD. Our pro-CBDs are also highly soluble in water/glycerol mixtures. We offer two types of pro-CBDs, one which is stable in slightly acidic medium (pro-CBD-A) and one which is stable in slightly alkaline solutions (pro-CBD-B).

Our water-soluble CBD derivatives both display an exeptionally high bioavailablilty.  Furthermore, pro-CBD-A releases CBD under physiological conditions (i.e. upon cleavage of the hydrophilic linkers by chemical hydrolysis or enzymatically by hydrolases like esterases, lipases and proteases).
Small samples (1-5 g) of pro-CBD-A and pro-CBD-B for testing purposes are available and can be ordered here:

Hashishene (5,5-dimethyl-1-vinyl-bicyclo[2.1.1]hexane) is a newly discovered characteristic monoterpene found exclusively in cannabis extracts and is used for detection and identifaction of such extracts. Hashishene is formed by sensitized irradiation of ß-myrcene with UV light. For the efficient synthesis of Hashishene we developed a continuous flow photo-reactor (see pictues below).

We offer Hashishene with a purity >92%.

Hashishene continuous flow photoreactor

CBN and CBC are chemically prepared from Citral and Olivetol. Treatment of both with a base leads directly to CBC. Upon addition of an oxidant CBN is obtained from the same reaction mixture. We also developped a simple and highly efficient method  for converting CBD directly into CBN.

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